May 31st/June 2nd

  • Bride and Groom go to Cedar Falls. (The Bridezilla may go earlier)
Friday, June 2nd
  • 12am: Day Spa for Bridezilla and the girls
  • 3pm: Rehearsal (wedding party must attend)
  • 5pm: Rehearsal Dinner
  • 9pm: Groom of Doom gets to burn stuff at bacheler party
  • Campgrounds are available for campers starting tonight (please RSVP)
Saturday, June 3rd
  • Breakfast -> fend your yourselves
  • Morning: Setup and Photography (details TBA)
  • 2pm: Ceremony
  • 3pm to Whenever: Reception
  • Somewhere in there (TBA): Food is set up
Sunday, June 4th
  • Morning sometime: Sunday brunch
  • Camp needs to be struck by 10am (probably before brunch)
  • It goes up to 11!