Many, if not most, of the guests are going to be camping with us. (camping is highly encouraged for the full wedding experience) If you are camping PLEASE RSVP so we can assign you a campsite. You may have to share with others, but that's part of the goal of this whole thing. Many of the people who are camping aren't experienced campers, so I'm providing a list here of recommended supplies. (in no particular order) There are showers and bathrooms at the campgrounds, and we have reserved ONE campsite with power to use to charge things up. (#40) There will be several experienced campers around if anyone needs any help.

If you don't have something on this list that you really need, and it is expensive, Contact Us before you buy it. We have some extra sleeping bags, etc to share. (Mainly thanks to Jesus)

  • Tent
  • Stake Hammer (we'll have one to share, but if you have one please bring it. Rocks work too, but not as well)
  • Sleeping Bag and Pillow
  • Ground Pad (optional)
  • Flashlight and/or headlamp
  • Lantern (optional, headlamps work fine)
  • Soap, preferably biodegradable. Walmart sells campsoap that you can use for showering/handwashing etc.
  • Shampooooooo
  • Bug Spray (the campground is heavily wooded and right by a river)
  • Sun Screen
  • Towel! (for showering and dishwashing)
  • Warm Clothes and Rain Gear (don't forget these or you may be miserable)
  • Duct Tape (optional, but damn handy)
  • WATER BOTTLE and/or empty milk jugs (more useful than you can ever imagine)
  • Camera
  • Cooking supplies if you are cooking. (stove, fuel, etc)
  • Plastic Bowl and spoon/fork/knife (there will be cooking at the campsites, you may want to join in)
  • Hat
  • First Aid Kit
  • Good walking/hiking shoes (You'll want to explore, trust me)
  • Firewood (if you see a good deal why not stock up?)
  • A Cooler
  • Bike and/or Unicycle (George Wyth has AMAZING bike trials, and there is a bike trail connecting the campground with the wedding/reception site)
  • Something to sit on
  • Juggling gear and other such toys (white gas and torches!)